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The Business That Makes Women More Money. 

What If It Works exists to support female entrepreneurs under 35 to build value driven businesses which give financial independence.

In short: we help women to make serious money, on their terms.

Our mission is to reduce gender inequality through inspiring women to utilise the power of entrepreneurship to create financial mobility for both themselves & others. 

We educate & coach women to help them to do their best work in the world, in a way which is fulfilling & meaningful to them as individuals. We offer services in 1:1 & Group settings on both a short & long term basis. 

The business name?

Well, that came from to talking to a number of fabulous women who had amazing innovative ideas for businesses but had little self belief, confidence or limited business knowledge to start their businesses. These conversations often led me to saying; "but, what if it works?!"... the rest is history as they say. 

Want to know a little more?

Read a letter from our founder below. 



Founder of What If It Works, Sales Strategist, Business Coach

I am a 20 something female from the UK with big goals and an even bigger vision. I have and continue to face a number of challenges / adversity and as a result hold large quantities of resilience, grit & determination. If you want labels then severely dyslexic and chronically ill would be a good place to start. I have a work ethic that's hard to match and believe in 3 phrases:

1. Work Hard, Be Nice   2. Don't Be A Dick   3. Just Do It 

In terms of being good at what I do...well it's been quite the journey but over the past 6 years I delved into the world of business in a big way. I'm about as straight talking, practical thinking as it gets, so there's no fluff around here. I've got a Business degree, a global online e-commerce clothing business, worked for some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, held management & senior leadership roles in a large not for profit organisation as a diversity & inclusion lead and travelled to Uganda to work as a business consultant for 3 months. I've seen & experienced A LOT!  My speciality is in sales - where at the age of 16, I  discovered I could sell very well and very easily, this was the beginning of a long but exciting journey!    

When it comes to coaching I walk the walk, I put money where my mouth is and have invested in working with some of the biggest names in the industry. I do the work and invest the time. I'm on a mission to reduce gender inequality and financial disparity, through empowering women to succeed in entrepreneurship, coaching allows me to help others to achieve this by giving them the tools, support and knowledge needed to progress. 

I want more for women, especially the 'everyday' type of girl, the one who doesn't think their worth sh*t, the one who feels weird and left out, the one who is not represented in mainstream society because we all have something to give to the world but most of us don't have the tools, support or resources to do so.   

What If It Works facilitates women to take action and develop their business ideas in a practical manner. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the world of business, we might be able to help! 

I've got serious work to do so I won't make this any longer however if you do one thing today please take action & do something you have been dreaming about. The right time is now, the world needs strong individuals to show up and give their magic.

Thanks for stopping by.

With love, 

May x   





Ready To Work is our signature coaching program designed to help you make more money in your business & feel unstoppable. 3 or 6 month options available.


Our one of intensive, action packed sessions are designed to boost your business and give you clarity easily. It's a one hour deep dive into your business plus 1 week of email support!


We offer a variety of services such keynote speaking, workshops & consultancy on a number of self development & business related topics.